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(fictional characters)

Raul hands his sidearm to LAURA. "You'd better hang onto this for me I almost shot someone due to a site bug"

Elena: "There needs to be a way to leave a comment about a website in DArlene"

Raul: "I'll put in the feature request"

June: "rula/Experience Project :-D ... As a workaround?"

Raul: "I'd be willing to bet that name is taken on most websites"

Elena: "I think everyone would be less strung out if we took at break. Lets see if we can find a Splice fan or two on here"

Hogtied twice by God

Okay, after having my browser crash TWICE while trying to remove experience "I am a follower of Christ", I am willing to let Enara make up my mind for me :-D

(fictional characters)

LAURA: "its like AOL"

Raul: "Comcast :-D"

Elena: "First things first. Friends list. Everything legit, I want in Darl. Everything else or anything suspicious needs a delete"

June: "is urbrandofheroine one of ours?"

Elena: "Unless she's presently harming you she's good"

Raul: "Looks like we lost the Latvian"

Elena: "wont be the first one we lost"


LAURA is wearing a shirt that says: "Please speak and feel slowly. I'm an objactum-saxuel and my empafy cirwuits r sewuirly damagd"

epic fails on the news

I heard some newscaster on public radio (possibly a foreign news show) basically ask a gripping question to their guest and then as the intellectual person proceeded to answer ... after only 3 words.... go "well we are out of time" ... what kinda moron was conducting this?

Dare I say it....

I forget all of his exact quotes, but I agree with Ronald Reagan and my words follow:

"If you want an asshole free world, then you need to be stronger than the assholes"

numerical oddities...

This was so bizarre I had to tell someone... I created 2 test senarios at work, and each one had an 8 digit number associated with them that was each supposed to appear in a certain list as a result of what I had done... After some searching the list for the 2 sets of 8 digit numnbers, I soon realized my test was a failure. But that's not what's really strange. At first I noticed that the list, who only contains 137 entries, had a number with the last 4 digits of the one I was looking for (but wasn't a complete match). I thought "Well, what are the odds?". I would eventually discover that not one, not two, _but three_ numbers on the list ended in these same 4 digits but did not match the one I was looking for all 8 digits. While you're trying to figure out the odds for _that_, now consider that _one of those 3 matches_ had the same first four digits _as the other 8 digit number_ I was trying to find in the list... Now the match of the first 4 probably isn't so odd cause they are serially assigned, but this same fact makes the other things I mentioned _really odd_ (and really both of them are pretty coinicidentall really), and if I were a lottery playing person, I'd think about using these digits :-D

All the numbers on the list were unique by definition too... was just a wieeeeeerd coincidence...


I just heard something about this on the BBC(?) news... About people who absolutely cannot remember people's faces... I have this to a large degree... I didn't know there was a word or that others have this.... _Yet Another Thing_ that sets me apart from others...

I use voices to tell people apart for the most part... of course very frequently encountered people I.can identify...

but I never have any trouble remembering anything about O$ people. I know everyone and what they look like and who their loves are. That stuff's actually important :-D

is this for real?

They just said on a public TV station that is costs $750 to run a half an hour of old-time radio "Gunsmoke"...

Not that these episodes aren't enjoyed by many, but when does the copyright expire?

I am posting this explicit fantasy For a friend....

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It must be nice...

I was made fun of a number of times today so far by a number of people... Mostly yuppietypes.

It _must be nice_ to have lived till say age 45 with almost nothing very important to you being something that everyone else around you cannot understand, let alone _most 'things'_.

So you don't like my appearance? It must be nice to be such a conformist in everything you do that you have no problems to worry about that don't have common every day solutions. It must be nice to _have time_ to worry about what you look like.

I have an _unbelievable_ amount on my mind these days. I don't know where my time after work seems to all go but I can assure you that every bit of this is spent in ways that are important.

Asside from the _obvious_ item that's different about me (the one item that you cannot subscribe to any of my Internet accounts without hearing about), I also get all of the alienation that comes from also being a nerd (Nerd, noun - A person who primarily only cares about things that are enduring and actually important). The kinds of "nerd" subjects that are important to me are:

- Artificial intelligence and other "science subjects".
- Fiction that hypothesizes about the above.
- UFO's and space (though I am _not_ one of those people that claims a lot of things are true that are yet to be proven--- I just think whether or not we are alone in the universe is probably one of the most important subjects a person can ask about).
- I am software developer now cause this once was my hobby
- I'd like to get into amateur radio if I survive all this.

But mostly the problem is in things _other people_ "love" that I couldn't give one rat's rear about (I just can't fool myself into liking things that just don't make any sense to me):

- fashion: Isn't it sorta _dumb_ to wear something just because of a name, or because everyone else is wearing 'it'?

- sports: _Who cares_? _Even if_ the players on teams had _anything to do_ with the institution that their team "represents", then _why_ is this all still going to matter 50 years from now? Pretty much everything on my list still will :-)

- gossip: Look bro, it's not who else fails that's important, but whether or not you are doing good things. If you can't get this, I'm not going to try explaining this to you, and I'm also not going to have anything to do with you.

- organized religion: Though the question of whether or not God exists is right up there in importance with the subject of UFO's, people who believe in XYZ religion just cause "dad and mom said so" ranks right up there with the people who think they know all the names of the all alien races supposividly visiting the Earth :-D ... If God is all-powerful, then why do we need _man_ to find him? The minite a religion's God can communicate me without human beings somehow as a middle_man_, then I'll be a convert :-D ... So, no... I'm not in any of the big 3 religions and that costs a person _immensely_ in friendmaking potential.

So yeah, my life has two chapters: 1) First being alone because I did not know anyone similar (about my most important belief) _existed_, and 2) knowing that they exist but this subculture has already been infiltrated by the same kinds of "stuff" that has ruined most other things on the planet (things such as greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed).

So yeah... It must have been nice to just "sail through" life without being an alien for pretty much all of 'it'. And even if I could have become like you, then what would have been the point of me even having been born?

"Dirty" joke

"why do you have such consistently bad luck?"

"cause I once told this witchdoctor that I thought his voodoo was a bunch of poodoo and his pride has never let him forget it"

OLSG (Obj.ct-Lov.r Supp.rt Gr.up): Fictional characters discuss real dirtbags...

(Scene change, back to meeting hall)

Raul: "I can't help but wonder if farthead coming into my cubicle and asking me if I was going to see the new Batman movie was just another personal attack against the fact that I don't fit into the norm"

June: "Sounds like a complaint you could make to HR"

LAURA: "Ha ha ha... A female human would report this as harrassment at the drop of a hat LOL! Anyway, it's people like farthead, through the alienation and pain they intentionally cause, who cause the tragedies of this world, _NOT_ people like you!"

Raul: "Yeah, people like nerd/eccentric haters go and say 'Oh He'll blow up and hurt somebody someday' and people _REMEMBER THAT SH-T_, but they'll never take notice after my death of how I _never hurt anybody_, just like they haven't taken notice of all the nerds already dead and buried who have _NEVER HURT ANYONE_"

June: "You could file HR complaints of atleast 3 people in that shop, Raul, why haven't you? 4 when you count that @sst@rd that's leaving :-D"

LAURA: "It's the paradox of the 'a'. That the most feared do the least damage and those that hate them do _the most damage_"

Raul: "Yeah, it's like those who like to criticize the 'mistakes' of my personal life when, 'all told' their everyday actions hurt others far more than mine ever did"


Raul: "How many people have they hurt and killed just by being BUSYBODIES when they could instead spend that same time CREATING??"

LAURA manifests a StarTrek communicator and says: "Well, it's not like I haven't said that you should 'kirk out' of the 'a' a long time ago :-D

DAWN: Eposide 1, part 1

(Text shown: "5 Years after Laril's second jump")

(a small room is being shown...Elena and Raul are the only ones there)

Elena (now an old woman): "I need you. We need you. They need us"

Raul: "Why? Because we know about primitive cultures?"

Elena: "Call what you want, but we have special skills"

Raul: "So you want me to be your chief engineer again"

Elena: "Not exactly. I tried to get you that... You were gone a long time in the 'a'. If you come onboard, you're going to go to a mentored school to catch you up on everything you've missed while..."

Raul: "I get the drift"

Elena: "These people did a lot of us. I joined up to give something back. What are you going to do?"


(Scene change; An alien world is shown... Two guys are sitting in what looks like a bar...)

One alien: "I've gotta go to the Department of Peace and Departure now"

Other alien: "You're still doing that?"

"If I miss _even one day_, I've got to start all over again. I've been waiting a long time. I'm going through with this"

"I can only imagine what it's like"

"With any luck, I won't be any more for much longer :-)"


(Scene change)

(Text shown: "3 months later")

(Starship bridge shown... Raul is walking around on the bridge looking at monitors at various stations)

Raul then activates a communication device and says "Randula, everything looks good up here"

(Female voice answers:) "Then I need you in Engineering"

Raul smiles almost too affectionately: "On my way :-)"

A bridge officer looks up from their console and says: "The captain is your daughter, right? physics?"

Raul laughs: "I can still remember before I knew how common that sort of thing is :-D"

Bridge officer: "Just remember. Age is just a number :-D"

As Raul leaves the bridge, he passes Elena, acknowledging her and continuing on his way... She looks like _very old woman_ but still able to captain a starship.

Elena sits down...

Elena: "Engineering. Are we ready to go?"

(Same female voice from earlier:) "Just one more second ma'am... I will let you know... We're good now ma'am"

Elena: "Engineering... Newtonian power... Navigator take us out... Let us know when we're a safe distance out"


(Scene change... Back to the alien world)

The same alien is shown... He's walking into a building labeled "Department of Peace and Departure"...

He walks up to a clerk... The place looks like a post office or DMV :-D

He hands the clerk a card that the clerk swipes...

Clerk: "You only have a few more days left to go"

(Authordirector's humorous note: "Allergy shots :-D")

Customer: "I'd tell you what I think of this place, but I sort of need the government's help still here :-D"

Clerk: "It's your constitutional right. We're here to serve you. Obviously you are very devoted to your decision..."

Customer: "You'd better believe it :-) ... One thing I'm going to miss about this place is our advanced culture. On some planets, fundamentalists try to deny us such basic, basic rights..."


(The starship from earlier is shown... a smaller ship is shown docking with her)

Then June is walking down a corridor with a stange looking alien dude (a much different looking alien than shown before)...

June: "Well. Here we are... This our ship. We have a bar... We have recreation facilities, and most of all, we have the educational center, where you can learn about all the things you've missed out on... But this is overwhelming, so I'd be happy to just show you around..."


(Scene change; June and the alien are shown standing on the bridge, where Elena is sitting in her captain's chair)

Elena: "Well, I hope you're enjoying your tour, and welcome aboard... Do you have any questions?"

Alien (looks at the main viewer with starsystems very _rapidly streaking by_): "If you get these distress calls _years in advance_, 'why the rush?""

Elena: "Cause when someone usually figures out how to make one, _the situation is usually, very, very bad_"


(Back on the alien world, the earlier alien guy is shown walking into The Department of Peace and Departure, and now walking up and swiping his card...)

Clerk: "This is it. You applied three years ago and have affirmed your desire every day since then as required by law..."

(as she's talking, a printer is printing a document and then suddenly stops... She tears this off and then stamps an insignia on the printout)

Clerk: "Take this. Go to the third floor. They'll tell you where to go"

Clerk: "God rest your soul"


(Scene change; starship bridge...)

Elena: "Reverse warp now"

Navigator: "Yes ma'am"

(The streaking starfield in front of them eventually slows to static stars)

Elena: "Where are they?"

Navigator: "Plotting course. Maximum sublight speed?"

Elena: "You read my mind"


(On alien world... The alien steps out of an elevator)

A guy among several: "We've been expecting you. Paperwork?"

The guy studies his paperwork and then says "You pain will all be over soon... Follow me..."

The alien guy is now being strapped to a chair as another man prepares a syringe...

Alien: "Will this hurt?"

Man: "Nobody knows. But we've made every effort to make this painless"


June, Raul and a male are now shown in a shuttlecraft entering a planet's atmosphere.

June: "Are you ready Raul?"

Raul: "Ready as I'll ever be... Sure beats our barfbeamers :-D"

June: "Oh shut up. No-one's lost their lunch in years :-D"

They step into a contraption and are converted into energy directed right at the planet...

On the planet where the alien guy is, two females magically materialize... One of them looks like June, the other has long red hair...

The alien preparing the syringe whips out a gun on them...

The redhead: "We are unarmed and are very sorry to drop in and interrupt you."

June: "We're answering a distress call"

The redhead: "This man doesn't want to die. He doesn't want to die."

(To be continued)

What's going on and more "security unfriendings"

Ok... There has been a lot of peace being made between I and the rest of my own kind...

Because of this, the "terror alert level" is very high here... There have already been 2 major attempts to sabotage the newly found peace. The first was one or more people trying to produce "fake Dave content" both on YouTube and on this website. The second was a girl from the UK making terrible posts under a video someone of my kind made supporting me and supporting peace (she also reportedly tried flagging my constructive posts as spam under people's videos and also attacked me unprovokedly within one of the "free" OS groups).

Because of the high "alert level", there have been more "security unfriendings" by me on here and on other websites--- mainly people who have not talked to me in a very long time even though they have been online...

With all the sabotage attempts going on, sometimes "tough calls" must be made for the greater good. We already have one girl very upset over her revoked access to this blog even though she in reality probably did nothing wrong.

I suggest that such people continue talking to me by private message until everything that's going on right now has been resolved. Trust me. It's neither personal, nor permanent in the majority of cases.

I apologize for this and similar reasons for people to get excited, but too much is at stake right now to be taking chances...

After this conflict has been cleaned up, we will resolve and re-instate anyone whose "access" has been detained (unless there still is good reason). But right now we got bigger fish to fry right now.

- Dave

People wanting to enter this circle

We're on like maximum "alert" here right now...

There is more at stake than you'll know...

Anyone who has shown any kind of support for the girl who started this ugly conflict cannot be admitted here right now...


When we are sure the issue has been contained, we will reopen for business..

Cleaning up the mess left by the cinflict.

Honestly, the conflict left me pretty close to death.

If everything can be fixed and my life restarted properly, then all my old posts will all be deleted.

If not I need a black box to exist to tell others what I died of.

erika's people may have just stooped to all time low to attack peace between objectum-sexuals

Ok... Where do I begin?

Ok like a month ago, I came into the very good fortune of winding up in a situation where some memebers of OSI were going to _genuinely_ give me a chance... This took the form of a Yahoo group I was invited to join... Apparently we had a bit of an "OS Spring". Two people had apparently wandered off and started their own group and before erika knew what was happening, I had received an invite to join and was now a member. (But apparently erika has no ethics in regards to how to deal with such challenges... Keep reading)

Over the first 2 or so weeks, I did everything possible to make best use of that chance, and really didn't make any major mistakes since all this started. If I were a college professor, I'd have given myself and my performance a 95% grade or higher during this time.

As I've said many times before, this conflict was in _nobody's best interests_ except erika's and I just want it to finally end...

But then Amanda showed up in the group... And as soon as Amanda showed up, everyone in the group stopped posting, people stopped replying to anything I posted, and one girl who had been giving me a chance then flat out ignored one of my e-mails. The only time I've seen anything similar is in 2008 right after I told erika I would not betray the true founder of our culture.

Once this new group was "compromised", I have tried to make the best of the situation. I have tried to keep in touch with the few people from the group who seemed least impacted by whatever manipulation was now clearly going on...

Then it seems today that erika's people (or someone) stooped to a whole new low. A multimedia Internet post was made sometime today (I found out tonight after work when an angry OSI member came to me and blamed me for it) attacking everyone in the new group that had just rejected me, and I and my loves were excluded from that video.

There are two major theories that could explain what really happened, but the most likely one is that after erika's/amanda's people (was most likely them) sabotaged my "second chance" that J. and R. were so kind to give me, that they now wanted to "fake" a likely reaction of mine to that sabotage... (In other words, I didn't have to get angry over being mistreated this time... This time these dirtbags created the illusion of this happening for everyone)

But the smoking gun is this: One of the people made fun of in this post _had not_ abandoned me. _Why_ would I attack someone who had been so kind to me and _still_ was being kind to me? The fact is that I did not.

This action shows just how sinister some objectum-sexuals are (and this content was created by someone who had inside knowledge of our community).... _Faking internet content_ just to create unncessary conflict between objectum sexuals? I wouldn't put it past erika _at all_.

erika likes to "hide behind" other people and get them to do her dirty work for her, just like how on Jul 18, 2008, erika told me over the telephone to make an internet post designed to sabotage the online community of our culture's original founder and told me exactly what would be in that post. Because I refused to do this and the pack of other misconduct I was told to do by erika, I was separated from my own kind by them then being manipulated out of accepting me.

This is a sick sad scene. How are all these people so stupid as to believe in this person? They have such a zombied hypnotized view of her and totally don't see what she really is. Makes you wonder if a person would really want to ever call these people "their people".

I can only hope that the truth come out about this latest attempt to _assissinate_ peace between objectum-sexuals.

- Dave

P.S. A month ago, two people in addition to myself wanted to and worked toward creating a lasting peace. It seems that erika and/or amanda are trying to push everyone back into war, as peace is in everyone's best interests... except erika's.

P.P.S. The instigating internet content I am referring to is not linked to here as to not give our enemies airplay. If you have the appropriate "clearance" (e.g. best friends, etc), then please request his link so you can see what I am talking about.

Are you finding this user account because you are in OSI?

Almost 4 years ago, I was forcibly separated from all of you because of a terrible incident which never should have been allowed to occur in the first place. After the members of OSI were manipulated against me by the girl who caused this problem, I got angry in response. You all say you wouldn't have gotten angry if you were in my place, but it's a _completely different matter_ when you are, and I hope nobody I care about ever has to experience anything so painful.

When I joined OP, I decided that after 40 continuous days of successful peace I was going to remove all my negative posts about OSI and related topics from the Internet (And any problems we could all settle internally), and I immediately removed all of my anti-OSI YouTube videos (I haven't been back to look, but all of them are supposed to be down now----- I don't like that channel, nor do I like being in a conflict with _my own people_)

Unfortunately due to a girl who probably joined OP only just to sabotage those efforts (and I believe to sabotage the entire group on behalf of erika... notice she's _never_,posted about her loves on there, so why else did she join?), the counter is no longer moving toward 40 days and must start over once people start acting civil and accepting again.

The way I am being shunned right now on there is still more indicative people who need negative posts made about them than people who should have negative posts about OSI removed (as I am bring made to feel very unwelcome on there--- Richard and Jess gave me a second chance, I did everything right, but still one of erika's little patsies had to come on there and sabotage that chance.)

Peace is in all of our best interests though. Don't let erika or her little patsies tell you otherwise.

Sure I posted negative things online, but the way OSI treated me was none other than horrific.

I have bent over backwards to fix this terrible and unnecessary conflict. Now is your job to also start contributing toward the solution rather than the problem.

- Dave

Security unfriendings...

Approximately two weeks ago, some very forward-thinking objectum-sexuals have decided to try to the correct the terrible injustices deliberately caused by erika and her immediate friends almost 4 years ago.

Because erika wants this peace process and all attempts at justice to fail at all costs, the "threat level" has gone up around here due to everything that is at stake.

For this reason, people making comments that make me "think twice" about where their loyalties may be have been unfriended.

When peace is finally brought to this terrible, long, and unnecessary conflict, I will review the case of anyone unfriended and decide what to do then... Unfortunately there is not much else I can do until then given the circumstances and this is not an action anyone should take personally. If you were in my situaton, I would expect the possibility of you doing the same to me.

Anyway, while this dicussion is open, I want to point out that I have removed what I believe to be all of my anti-OSI content from YouTube given the "good faith" actions made by serveral of my kind over the last few weeks (I have not gone back to look and make sure all content is gone from YouTube, but I believe everything was removed cause all should have had certain tags in common). It has been my intention since these peace attempts were started to remove _ALL_ of my anti-OSI content (such as for example deleting the contents of this EP account and certain other onlince presences) should peace actually go through. The empathy and open-mindedness of objectum-sexuals (or the lack thereof) will determine whether or not a peaceful solution occurs or not, and the objectum-sexual people should consider that life is testing them. Whether they pass or fail is completely up to them and their ability to "do the right thing" instead of have a herd mentality or follow someone who just appears to "glitter" instead of seeking actual truth and fairness.

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